About Leslie...

During my sophomore year at WCHS, Mr. Mason, the girls softball coach, led his team to two consecutive State Championships. Although I wasn’t part of those teams, some of the returning undergraduate girls informed Mr. Mason about my skills as a ballplayer when he was recruiting girls to try out for the team. One morning, while I was in the auditorium with the Bible Club, Mr. Mason entered and asked for me, unaware of who I was. He shared what he had heard from my friends and invited me to try out for the team. I explained that transportation was an issue since my family lived far away, but Mr. Mason reassured me, telling me to ask my mother if I could try out and that he would arrange a ride for me. Excitedly, I went home and asked my mother, who agreed, and Mr. Mason ensured I had transportation by coordinating with another girl who lived nearby.

During those try-out practices that lasted a couple of weeks, held after school each day to showcase our talents, I earned a spot on the WCHS girls softball team. I had earned my position, even surpassing a senior who had been part of the previous State Championship teams. Mr. Mason instilled in us girls the motto “The Best We Can Be!” Throughout the next three years, I never lost my spot on the team, striving to live up to that motto. Although we didn’t win the state championship, we gave it our all, winning the NW District Championship a few times. In my senior year, I was honored to receive the “The Best You Can Be” Award, which Mr. Mason presented to one senior player at graduation. Mr. Robert Mason, my History teacher at WCHS, gave me the inspiration and support I needed to become the best version of myself. He recognized the potential in his students and encouraged us to reach our full potential. I am immensely grateful to him, even to this day, which is why I have chosen this slogan.

When I become a member of the Board at WCPS, my aspiration is for parents, teachers, and administrators to embrace this slogan and cultivate a culture of success for all students, from those who struggle to the highest achievers. I firmly believe that this goal is not unattainable. With the right approach and collaboration, we can unite everyone under the common purpose of achieving success.

As a student back then, I faced circumstances that made trying out for the high school softball team seem impossible. However, thanks to a teacher who believed in me and my mother’s approval, everything changed. This experience taught me the power of belief and support.

Our public school system in Warren County has been on a downward spiral for too long, and our children and youth are suffering the consequences. Some students are not graduating, while others are being passed through without the necessary knowledge and skills to become successful and honorable American citizens. It is long overdue for us to make improvements in our curriculum choices, address discipline matters effectively, and elevate our students to higher levels of academic and social achievement.

Together, let’s transform WCPS into “The Best We Can Be.” It’s time to prioritize the success and well-being of our students by implementing changes that will shape a brighter future.